Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation for health and wellbeing

This is an eBook where I am sharing my experience with Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra & Meditation for Health and Well-being. Giving you examples of these tools with instructions how to do Pranayama and Mudras, how to integrate them into your daily lives. 
You will be able to learn many Pranayama, mudras, exercises that help you heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Pranayama, and Mudras for health issues like migraines, eyesight, arthritis and joint problems, stress, depression, anger and much more. Using visualisation, colours, mantras and meditation and integrate them into your lives. This is a collaboration of my blogs and added information, exercises for your eyes, your back and so much more.

Some of the chapters; 

About Pranayama, breathing exercises
             *One-minute breath
Why I use Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation to heal myself
About Mudra, Finger yoga
              *Vayu mudra
About Mantra for Pranayama practice and healing
              *Om Benza Satto Hung
              *Ong SoHung
              *Dukh Par Har
              *Aad Gureh Nameh
About Meditation with Pranayama for healing
How Visualisation and Colour can enhance the Pranayama practice
             *Pranayama to rebuild yourselves
             *Three breathe a minute Pranayama
             *Cleansing the negativity of the day Pranayama
Integrating Pranayama, mudras, mantras, meditation and Colours into your day
Pranayama with exercises for Arthritis and Joint problems
                                 *Shoulder exercises
                                 *Camel rocking
                                 *Cat stretch
                                 *Side twist stretch
                                 *Hamstring and thigh muscle stretch
                                 *Finger and Wrist exercises
Overview on Pranayama for Arthritis and Joint Problems
Pranayama for Stress
Eight- stroke and more for Stress release
                                 *the eight-stroke
                                 *Anuloma-Viloma with sa ta na ma
                                 *Balancing the nervous system
                                 *Let go of negativity and the past
Sitkari and more to defuse anger due to Stress
                                 *Burn inner anger
                                 *The mantra Dukh Par Har Sukh Ghar Le Jaae
And many more!!

I will be sharing with you the many benefits I have gained by practising pranayama, mudra and working with mantra and meditation on a daily base.
Available for purchase HERE

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