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Listen Animals Talk

"It is the first time that I have been able to really express my love for animals and write about all my experiences and memories. All the animals I have had and worked with have touched my life profoundly. Having been able to talk to a wild Lion at the Auckland Zoo for the TV show 20/20, I have been able to fulfil a childhood dream. Lazarus the Lion, words cannot do just to the experience I had. My skill of animal communication has developed through observation and awareness. With this book I do not want to prove to you that I can communicate with animals - I know I can and whether you believe it or not, is your decision- but I would like to help you to open up to becoming more observant, take note of the animals around you, so you can help to protect them, learn to live in harmony with them and become aware of how precious all animals are. Through observation, you will be able to decide if it is possible to communicate with animals or not. Have your own opinion and enjoy!"

What readers have said about this book; 

Practical mindfulness
I loved to read her life story and how she learned to connect with animals.
It is uplifting to read how she turned the obstacles in her life into insights with the help of her animals

"Listen Animals Talk", one sunny day I had a phone call from our TV 3 channel 20/20 program being asked to be part of their show with my skill of communicating with animals. To me communicating with animals was nothing out of the ordinary, it just happened naturally. But I agreed to take part and soon after it had screened, I was approached by a publisher if I would write a book. This was a totally new experience for me and I never had dreamed of ever writing a book. But always up to a challenge, I said yes. The book was published in 2006 but now is available as an eBook on this blog. 
I look at life as a huge journey to experience, express, learn and grow and this opportunity to write this book opened my eyes more, and I am so grateful for the opportunity given.

This ebook is now available here:

Watch the intro to my book video 

My experience with the Lion Lazarus was just amazing and my chapter "Lazarus" explains the depth of communication which is hard to see in this video below. But look at the eyes, the gentleness that comes from this Lion it is worth a thousand words. So much this Lion talked to me about and unfortunate for a TV show so much gets left out. The energy you can feel coming from this Lion was deep and incredible. These experiences you can get from any animal or pet if you observe with every part of your body.

Book reviews; Listen – Animals Talk

Barbara Schaer

ISBN 1-877365-25-4

From the back cover, “So Dr. Dolittle was right! At first, it was difficult to discern what was imagination and what was real, but Swiss-born Barbara Schaer just knew that animals communicated with her, and she with them. Now, as a New Zealand based counsellor of people and their pets, and a regular television personality, Barbara regularly communicates with a wide range of animals and their humans, revealing for those who need to know, what their animals are expressing. Barbara’s amazing life story of love for nature in general and animals, in particular is an inspiration to all who care for their pets. Barbara teaches how to listen to your pets and to communicate with them in the special way she has honed after a lifetime of such exchanges. Let her help you make your pets’ lives betters. Share her gift now.”

I was very touched by Barbara’s honesty and humility in writing about her life experiences, her struggles and challenges, and how she came to be an Animal Communicator and Homeopath. Throughout her book, she offers sage advice on how to live a happier life, how to observe closely and listen to animals, and how to be true to yourself. This is not a step-by-step book about animal communication; rather, it is the story of how she came to be who she is, and what she’s learned along the way that can help you more deeply observe and understand animals. She also shares her experiences with getting clear about her life path, and this can help you in following your heart’s desires. Learning to observe, really observe, animals is key, and Barbara mentions this throughout her book. This is a unique, honest, heartwarming book and I highly recommend it.

Kat Berard


So, Dr Dolittle was right!
Barbara is a counsellor of people and their pets and a regular television personality. Barbara communicates with a wide range of animals and their humans, revealing, for those who need to know, what their animals are expressing.
Barbara was born and raised in Switzerland. Her family, including the dog, moved to the countryside when she was a small child. Her parents were a somewhat unconventional pair of people – her mother an artist and her step dad a public relations person – in an extended family with relations from more traditional occupations such as lawyers and ministers. However, their somewhat unconventional decision (for those days) meant that Barbara grew up in the mountains and countryside on a lifestyle block and vineyards, where she helped with animals and the outdoor work. This was a move that marked the beginning of Barbara’s real love of the passion for animals and of her special abilities with them.
The author first came to New Zealand as an exchange student in 1979, to a King Country dairy farm where she amused her host family by hugging the cows, some of whom enjoyed being hugged while some took their time to get used to it!
At the time Barbara did not know about animal communication but she empathised with the cows and was deeply affected by their pain at calf separation time.
In 1981 at 21 years old, Barbara decided to immigrate to New Zealand for good, despite her parent's advice to stay in Switzerland a bit longer.
Over the next few chapters, Barbara shares her memories of her life and the joys and difficulties she had adjusting to a strange country where she hardly knew anyone, to a language she did not speak very well, to a different culture and to a different way of life.
We are introduced and enchanted by the animals that shared Barbara’s journey for their allotted time.The first being Dexter, a wild ginger cat who chose to change his lifestyle and became a comfortable companion.
This is not just an autobiographical book but also a philosophy book. “Everyday new opportunities present themselves and we just need to listen, observe, become aware and then take up the challenge to change and grow, break through our fears and insecurities, have faith in ourselves and listen to our hearts”.
Barbara discusses how she developed her skills into the “gift” she has now. Throughout the book, she reiterates that observation and awareness are the keys to understanding. She encapsulates her life’s lessons that she learns along the way and is never shy of admitting her own self-doubt that haunted her for many years
In 1991 Barbara signed up for a four-year Diploma course at the Auckland College of Homeopathy.During her studies not having a human family living at home to practice on, she started to practice on her animals, observing their reactions to what she said to them. She started to feel their expressions, their gestures and their eye contact. Cats, dogs, birds, horses, cows and chickens all added to Barbara’s experience and knowledge.
1n 1995 Barbara started her own Homoeopathy clinic. Clients were cautious. People would bring their animals to Barbara first and if the treatments worked, they would come for themselves and then the rest of their families would come too. Barbara has continued to treat adults, children and animals ever since.

Though the style of writing is rather simplistic and English being the Author’s second language, it is endearingly quirky at times. The lack of artifice in the storytelling adds power to her extraordinary journey of self-awareness. This book is a celebration of the diversity of our New Zealand community.  Being a bit of a cynic, well, liking an explanation for things, this book challenged me! Even this is covered graciously by the Author in the Preface; “Through observation, you will be able to decide if it is possible to communicate with animals or not. It is in your hands to then decide what you like to believe or not.”
Last year the TV3’s 20/20 team requested that Barbara allowed them to interview her. She is not sure where the words came from but during the interview, she said she would like to talk to a wild animal, especially a lion. As if this was a perfectly normal request, Mark responded “No problem, we can arrange that”. Many animals touch Barbara’s life through her story but her description of her connection with Lazarus, a large, wild male lion, has given her a “lifetime of joy and fulfilment”.
“Have your own opinion and enjoy!”

Elmire Draper
Hooves and Paws Magazine

Dear Barbara

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with those of us lucky enough to read listen animals talk!
I am very grateful for the education your sharing has given me and I am now looking to further understand animal communication, I have had a few experiences myself over the years and both my daughters and I seem to have a lovely connection to animals esp our pets you helped me to overcome my fear of the unknown and embrace whatever amount of ability I have rather than fear it! your forgiveness lesson terrified me then helped me hugely when I woke up mid sleep last night having to do a similar forgiveness which was way overdue and very emotional for me!
your brave to share your life like that but also kind to do so cos the more awareness of the reality around us the more it's accepted and understood which can only be good for this way out of sync world!

thanks for taking so much fear away, meg

Dear Barbara,

I have just finished reading your book "Listen Animals Talk", borrowed from
Remuera library.
I found it on the 'recommended reading table' as I tend to be a lazy
browser and don't do shelf searching.

It's a wonderful book, made me cry a lot when reading what happened to
your animals over the years.
It struck several cords, with me especially regarding the butterfly an
I would recommend this book to all, even though I'm in my mid 40's I feel 
this would be very interesting to teenagers. The early parts, about you at
school, doing courses and not achieving the highest academically but more
practical and intuitive. I feel teenagers have these intuitions about
everyday life but it's pressured out of them by schools, society and peers,
often before it had a chance to developed into something they recognise as
'part of themselves', as something of importance, that if nurtured can
help them thru their lives.
It would be great to see this book in school libraries from Intermediates
schools onwards as its light enough for teenagers but has parts that will
'touch' them and make them think.

Thank you

Raewyn Sivewright

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