Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How Kundalini Yoga is a Healing experience

My journey from Pranayama to kundalini yoga, through my search for learning more pranayama I have come to Kundalini yoga. With this book I like to share with you how Kundalini Yoga is a great healing experience, as for me this is an extension of pranayama. This is not an instruction book in how to practice Kundalini Yoga but it gives insights in how powerful these exercises and meditations are. With meditations we can overcome insecurities, anxieties, fears, and conquer anger, it can help us getting through financial difficulties, getting through grief and help us become more in tune with the rhythm of nature. Things will start to flow naturally in our lives and we can become calm and joyful getting through any life challenges with ease.
It is another tool for healing and with so many sadhana and exercises to choose from, almost anything we can heal with these tools.
To me I am always searching for more tools how to stay balanced, healthy and content in my life. Knowing that there will always be challenges they do not go away, but with all these meditation, breathing exercises and mantras it sure makes life easier and more able to cope with every day life.
In this eBook I share my experiences while practicing a sadhana daily.

What readers have been saying;

Thanks for sharing this eBook. It helps me a lot to stay fit & Healthy. To Know More About, How Kundalini Yoga helps to improve mental and physical wellness

Thanks for the useful eBook. Yoga works as a solution for the many health issues. It reduces back ache, relives from stress and gives solution to many problems. Thanks for sharing

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