Wednesday, 5 October 2016

About my eBooks

My eBooks are all about sharing my experiences of healing and being a healer, becoming more mindful and walking a spiritual journey. Animals have been my teachers for many years, I have learned so much from them and still am and they are always part of my life.
Pranayama, meditation and yoga have taken my healing journey to new heights. Sharing these experiences in the hope they may help you to find your tools to heal, and bring awareness that everything in our lives have the possibility to be healing. Nature provides us with everything we need.

E Books;
Listen Animals Talk, 
How Pranayama is a healing experience, 
How Kundalini Yoga is a healing experience, 
How to communicate with our pets.
And more to come in the future

In my eBooks I am sharing my experiences with Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga and my animals and much more. More eBooks are on the way and my purpose of writing is that I belief with awareness anything in our life is part of our healing journey, spiritual journey, where we grow and learn. I like to share my experiences through writing and also through painting as it is such a creative way to express our inner most feeling.
For my paintings go HERE

I do not get my eBooks edited, as for me each word, each phrase has an energy vibration, and if someone else is editing my experiences it would no longer be my experience. English is my second language and I belief that whatever feeling we may have about anybody’s writing style it is a feeling we can become aware of and maybe learn and discover something about ourselves.
My first Book “Listen Animals Talk” has been edited as I had a publisher asking me to write this book. Through this experience I have learned a lot, often I was asked to make something more traumatic or call it different, or even write something that was not at all in how I think or belief, and this made me realize that it altered the way I saw things or experienced things and when I now read someone else story I wonder how much is really what the author is about.  Of course it was an experience to see how two different editors saw things differently, one who totally understood my way of writing and the other who try to change just about anything I wrote. For me it is just so important that the story I tell is my story and it comes from my heart. It is different of course if I wrote a novel, but as my writing is about my experiences it will not be edited. SORRY!! It is hard to find an editor one sees eye to eye with, and I am here a little bit fussy and stubborn. With my writings I hope to coach you, to inspire you and to give you the ability to be yourself, to feel, to experience and to find your path and tools that will help you with your life journey.
And I do hope you will still enjoy my eBooks.
Watch this blog, you will soon be able to purchase my eBooks here!!

Over the past few years I have had my eBooks on Amazon Kindle, but it has been a hard journey and difficult to get paid. It is time for change and soon I will remove my eBooks from Amazon and will have them available from this blog. Stay watching!

My writing style has been quoted as;

“Though the style of writing is rather simplistic and English being the Author's second language, it is endearingly quirky at times, but adds power to her extraordinary journey of self-awareness.”

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